Chic Shawls for Sleeveless Nights


Don’t disregard this stylish piece as something only your grandmother would wear—lightweight shawls are the essential cover-up for breezy spring evenings. Loosely draped around your arms, the wrap will keep your upper body warm while still showing off sun-kissed shoulders, thanks to the glorious rays you’ve been seeing now that the weather’s heating up. Skip the sleeves for this look; too much material doesn’t make for smart styling when it comes to wearing a shawl. Over a sweet sleeveless frock or standout tank, though, it’ll dress up your outfit while making it look like your fashion endeavor was effortless. Here are our favorite shawls of the season, the chicest of the chic, dare we say, to get you through spring and into summer.

1. A.Friend by A.F. Vandervorst Wanda shawl, available at, $127.50
2. Moio shawl, available at, $35
3. Massimo Alba shawl, available at, $95
4. M.Grifoni denim shawl, available at, $108
5. Etro shawl scarf, available at, $522.14
6. Moio shawl, available at, $59