Christian Lacroix Lends His Talent to Schiaparelli


Though the rumors of Marco Zanini's appointment as creative director of Schiaparelli have yet to be confirmed, with today's news comes some substantial information regarding the reinvigoration of the couture house.

As it turns out, celebrated designer, Christian Lacroixhas been tapped to create a couture collection for Schiaparelli! By taking inspiration from 15 standing pieces from the late designer, Elsa, and reinventing them with the Schiaparelli mindset and his talent, Lacriox will build a one-off collection.

“In this veritably elegant character, there is a spirit which is simultaneously mathematical, literary and even poetic, which collides with the worlds of arts, theatre and cinema,” Lacroix said. “Elsa is a sacred sphinx who will never cease to make us question things, all the while offering new puzzles by way of answers. My wish is to reinstate her at the centre of her fashion house and on the stage through which she seduced the world.”

His designs for Schiaparelli will be shown during Couture Fashion Week in July as the first step in Diego Della Valle's plan to bring back the couture line. As the house moves forward, (currently unnamed) contemporary artists will show their appreciation for Schiaparelli with their own artistic contributions, honoring her ability as “the first to marry art and fashion.”