Christina Applegate Gets Super Fruity With fruitwater


Though Christina Applegate’s most recent role doesn’t involve a news desk or Will Ferrell, it’s still something we can get behind. As the face of bubbly zero-cal fruitwater, Applegate glows in the pink-hued ad campaign. To find out how the actress, mother, and breast cancer survivor keeps herself looking this radiant, we went straight to the source and asked her ourselves. Keep reading to find out about Christina’s beauty routine – or lack thereof.

Why is fruitwater your drink of choice? 
I’m such a cuckoo water-drinker, but I get really bored when I’m trying to get 60 ounces of water in me every day. So it’s nice that they have a product out there that doesn’t have any calories in it, tastes really good, and has all these added supplements, which help with performance for working out. Plus, if you drink alcohol, they do make a nice mixer for after-hours because usually what makes people hung over is the sugar in their mixers.

What are some beauty products that you use to help keep your body and skin healthy? 
I’m always changing it up because sometimes things just stop working when your body gets used to it. For a long time, I used a lot of Liz Earle products, which are all really organic and botanicals and I do love that stuff. In fact, I still use the Liz Earle body cream that I love, love, love and it smells really good. It smells almost like a chamomile tea with a little bit of eucalyptus. But right now, I’ve been obsessed with Meaningful Beauty – kind of loving on it, big time…the Cindy Crawford line – and I’m not a spokesperson for the line, I really do love it!

Going into fall, what does your makeup drawer look like? 
It’s funny because I never go into my makeup drawers. I don’t wear makeup unless I have to, and usually that’s when someone else is putting it on me. I probably should wear makeup more often because I do see paparazzi pictures of me out there that are pretty grim, but usually I don’t leave the house wearing any makeup…So I probably should start. The one thing I do have in my purse, which is super important, is Koh Gen Do’s [blush that] has this built-in little sponge so you don’t have to pack two pieces. You just kind of tap it on your cheeks and you’re good to go if you need to have a little bit of jooj.

What got you through your experience with breast cancer? 
Support systems. Friends. Changing the way I looked at the world. Not taking on stress. During that time I had some pretty heavy things going on in my life, anyway. I had loss–a lot of death–during that time that was really confusing and painful for me. So, how do you balance that and taking care of yourself? It’s interesting what happens when you’re faced with something like that: you kind of go into a warrior mode.

What do you do to stay beautiful when you’re not feeling your best? 
Hang out with my kid! She makes me feel beautiful.