Chrome Industries Gets Custom


A few weeks ago, our brother site's editor Michael and I had the opportunity to visit the Chrome Industries store in San Francisco and create our own bags. To say we were excited would be an understatement. While I'm not a bike messenger, I am an urban commuter and spend a lot of time outside the city camping. Michael and I chatted with Chrome's beyond cool president Steve McCallion about his favorite products, what makes Chrome unique, and how they come up with their awesome designs. And when I say Steve is beyond cool, I mean this is the best dressed president of anything I've ever seen. He's been an architect, creative director at a design firm, and hasn't owned a car in 13 years.

Customers were already customizing their bags with patches and paint, so Chrome decided to make it easier. I chose colors that would compliment my SanFranpsycho duffle – my camping bag of choice. Chrome's in-house custom bag sewer Morgen Depenthal helped me select my fabrics. Almost every part of the bag can be customized – right down to the velcro and their signature seatbelt buckle – and each quarter Chrome offers limited edition materials and a rotating collection of vintage patches. If you don't live near a Chrome store (click here for the full list), fear not. Soon you'll be able to customize your bags online. Stay tuned for the finished product!

About Chrome:
Chrome Industries was established in 1995 with a Juki sewing machine, a few yards of military grade fabric and seat-belt buckles cut-out of old cars. The mission was simple; create bombproof gear that is practical and functional. Chrome's iconic messenger bag with quick release buckle was born. Over the last 17 years, Chrome continues to develop useful and durable gear for people who live and ride the city. Street-tested by professional messengers, fixed freestyle riders and urban commuters, Chrome makes bags, footwear and apparel that adapt to the changing and unpredictable nature of the city.