Cindy Crawford Makes a Healthy Lifestyle Meaningful


Upon first glance, you would never think Cindy Crawford is anywhere near 50. Not only is the supermodel mommy still stunning in a series of magazine spreads, but she’s also prepping for the launch of her first book next year as well as working on upcoming products for her Meaningful Beauty line. With such a full plate, it can’t be easy to keep up a healthy lifestyle, so we asked the multi-tasking model for a few tips on maintaining that balance.

You recently launched a healthy eating campaign–what are some of your go-to foods?

On weekdays where it’s busy and I’m running my kids to school, I drink an Urban Remedy shake that [Neka Pasquale, Urban Remedy founder] has. I actually make it at home now myself because sometimes that’s a bit easier. So that’s almond milk, frozen banana, spinach, fresh mint, and I put walnuts in mine or cashews and it tastes like chocolate chip mint ice-cream. But when I’m traveling, I have her send them to me at my hotel, which is a nice option to have.

On my workout days, I’m really into muffins right now with cucumbers and peaches, and then for lunch, I usually have a salad. Then for dinner, I just try to eat with my family and enjoy food. I want to set a good example for my daughter that it’s not about depriving yourself. So I feel like if I’m good all day and if we have one of their favorite meals is like turkey meatballs with pasta, then I just don’t have the pasta. I’ll take the turkey meatballs, and I’ll have a side or on a bed of spinach and vegetables.

What are some easier ways you and other busy women can take care of themselves?

You know were all busy–you guys are as busy as me! I think for me, one of the things that’s key is, I try to wake up a half an hour before my kids because I don’t like waking up in chaos. So I like to wake up early and take that first half hour of the day. Luckily, I live in California so I have a Jacuzzi. I go in my Jacuzzi every morning at like 6 a.m.and I use that time to be grateful and set my intention for the day. I imagine how I want my day to go and if there are any conflicts or problems, how I want things to work out. Then I go and have a cup of green tea and put on my workout clothes or whatever. By the time everyone wakes up, I’ve had that calming half hour for myself and it just helps me kick off the day right. I hate waking up late and feeling frantic–I’d rather get up earlier and take the time to ease into it.

Aside from wearing sunscreen, what’s your number one beauty advice?

Be happy!

Many women know they should take better care of themselves, but it can be hard to feel motivated. Any advice for people who are just tired?

Make a date with a girlfriend! If you have a gym buddy, that’ll hold both of you accountable. You support them when they’re tired because, look, there’s always something better to be doing. Make an appointment as opposed to “I’ll work out when I have free time” –people [ask] how do you find time to work out and I say, “I don’t find time, I make time,” so you really just have to pencil it in. I’ll call a girlfriend and [say], “Let’s hike, let’s walk.” I love walking and hiking—I think it’s like therapy plus exercise; it’s a twofer.

Or, if you can, get a trainer or take a class. The great thing about that is, if you don’t show up, you still pay for it, and that’s motivating for most people. I don’t want to pay for something I don’t do.