Cindy Crawford Talks Giving the Industry a Run for its Money


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Born Cynthia Crawford with a trademark mole, the 47-year-old icon could be considered one of the original supermodels—a notion that Cindy Crawford is reflecting on with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit.

“I though, I’m going to take advantage of this moment, do my own thing,” she told the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination. “I think some of the young girls saw me as someone who used the business back, not just getting eaten up by it. It’s like women’s rights or everything else—you break the ceiling a little bit each time.”

But she hasn’t always been so fearless or self-aware. She relayed a story about her almost being “taken” in Paris. “I remember when I was about 21, I got in a car with someone in Paris,” Crawford said. “I thought it was a guy from my agency there to pick me up because he had a card with my name on it when I got off the plane. But then when I asked him questions, I realized he didn’t know anything. He had seen me getting on the plane and then turned up there. I just waited until a stoplight and then jumped out of the car. When I saw that Liam Neeson movie [Taken] about a kidnap, I thought, ‘God, that could have been me.’”

Can you even imagine? We surely can’t!