Clarify Popped Pimples with Clean & Clear

Nobody likes spotting a zit on their face, and it’s hard resisting the urge to get rid of it ASAP. Unfortunately, popping the pimple isn’t the smartest thing to do, as it gives bacteria direct access to your body, and it leaves the area more red and sore than before. Clean & Clear has got two ways to keep the germs away: the Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste and the Gel Pen. The drying paste goes on blue and zaps the gross stuff still inside pores, allowing the skin to heal and turns white when dry. The gel pen covers the area in a film to keep out bacteria and soothe the soreness so it’s perfect on the go. If you can’t keep your hands off of your faces, these are perfect to keep close by.

Available at for $6.99 each.

xx, Valis Vicenty
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