ClubW: A Wine Club For Laid-Back Types

Do you enjoy a good glass of wine and want to learn more about it, but think that those know-it-all connoisseurs are far too pretentious for your taste? Welcome to our world. But a new wine club is helping you obtain the knowledge without the snobbery with delicious bottles of wine delivered right to your door.

When you join ClubW, you'll discover tons of lesser-known wines (all with fantastic price points starting at around $15), and a video that can be watched right from your phone telling you all about the bottle you're about to try. It's the ultimate way to impress guests at your next dinner party (hey, we all want to shine sometimes!). Customizable delivery options, which range from 2 to 12 bottles per month, ensure that you'll always have a stash on hand.

And once you've received your wine, don't forget to check out the mobile app so you can review, rate and re-order your favorites right from your phone. Check out to find out how to get started. Being a wine lover has never been so convenient!