Coach Wants to Dress You – From Head to Toe


Coach doesn't just want women carrying the newest handbag from their latest collection – Legacy Duffle, anyone? No, now they're thinking total lifestyle brand domination.

While Coach has the accessories and handbag market cornered, from shoes to purses to jewelry, the brand is heavily looking into become a must-visit across the board. And though their yummy leather jackets, trenches, and smattering of cashmere have made their way into many chic closets, their presence in the space is on the rise. A recent hire, Sandra Hill, who comes from Bonobos and Paul Smith, is lending towards speculation that Coach is heavily investing in RTW. The change to incorporate lifestyle according to WWD, “started with an 'amplified' rollout of footwear this spring — which will be followed by an increase in secondary categories such as men’s and women’s apparel, outerwear, watches and jewelry, as well as a new store look.”

This new version of the brand requires a deeper look at its customer. Reed Krakoff, Coach's president and executive creative director, told Fashionista: “Instead of designing accessories to fill a need, we’re thinking more about the woman, who she is, where she goes, what is her life like and how does it feel, to move Coach from … where you think of a Coach bag, to now when you think of Coach, you will think of a woman or a man and you think of their lifestyle.”

This could be the start of something very interesting. It's obvious that people love Coach, the accessories brand, but are you interested in Coach, the clothing brand?