Coco Chanel: The Comic Book?

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While Coco Chanel’s life has been chronicled in text and on film, fashionistas may be heading to the local comic book shop to get their fill of the legendary designer.

Chanel has been tapped to be one of Naïve publishing’s “Great Women of Destiny” with a comic book biography in celebration of her first store’s opening centennial. According to Vogue Paris, Elle writer Pascale Frey and illustrator Bernard Ciccolini present Chanel’s story from her beginning as a saleswoman for a shop in Moulin, to her rise through the ranks of high society and the creation of her signature silhouettes and scent. It even touches on details like the two loves of her life, Étienne Balsan and Arthur Capel, her move into her iconic address, her meetings with Hollywood’s golden age screen sirens, the interwar artistic scene, and even the re-birth of her fashion house – all in watercolor!

Since the comic is widely available in the U.S. yet, we’re already on the lookout for someone to snag us a copy!