Coldwater Creek’s Guest Stylist Cristina Ehrlich: Jewelry Should Be an Expression of Yourself


Coldwater Creek's aesthetic is one that lends itself to the more, classic, timeless woman. One that for celebrity stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, it made complete sense to sign on to be Coldwater Creek's very first guest stylist offering expert tips, product picks, and styling insight while acting as the brand's spokesperson and ambassador for the month of May.

Ehrlich's clients include Penelope Cruz and Amy Adams. Have you seen Tina Fey's latest Garnier commercial? Ehrlich's work. “As a stylist, I am constantly speaking to my clients about choosing pieces that reflect their own personal style while also stepping outside their comfort zone to try something new,” she said in a press release.

For a lady whose job is to know trends, she takes on a more personal approach when it comes to accessorizing. “I'm a little bit of a minimalist, jewelry for me is a more of a sentiment,” Ehrlich told Glam at New York's Coldwater Creek on Tuesday. “Jewelry should be an expression of yourself. Like with Coldwater, they're making amazing statement necklaces, that whether it's over a printed blouse or a solid button down shirt. Statement necklaces are a really great way to personalize your look.”

Ehrlich believes that timeless style is about playing with all the elements that can create a great ensemble. “I can really relate to this customer because I think that the messaging behind Coldwater Creek is about being feminine, about being festive, about layering, and about color, really going for a more classic aesthetic,” she said. What's not to love about this?