Come Touch Polyvore


Big news, everyone.

Polyvore, where the outfit collage originated, has finally gone touch screen! The website, which welcomes over 20 million users each month, just launched an iPad version of the site (Polyvore already has an iPhone app).

“You know how people rip out pages of fashion magazines and clip them together?” the site’s CEO Jess Leeasked while showing off the new app. “It just like that, except it’s interactive and fun, and you get access to this huge catalog of products from all over the web. So it’s just another way to express what you love.”

This sounds dangerous. “You can grab products from your favorite stores, like J. Crew and mix and match with a top from H&M. And you lay it out in such a beautiful way. It’s what you wish you were wearing and what you want to be wearing.”

And there, friends, is the problem: a shoppable Pinterest, basically. Lee also noted that app would expand to Android soon and add more product categories other than fashion, beauty, and home, as well as other language capabilities.