Concoct a “Make It with a Fireman” Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon, everyone is looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday other than drinking beer in a sombrero or a serape. After receiving a bottle of Sauza Tequila (accompanied with a plush kitten), we found we could spice up the libations for any celebration of Mexico's historical Battle of Puebla with a “Make It with a Fireman” margarita you can easily stir up at home.

1 Can of Limeade
1 Bottle of light beer
Sauza Blue Silver Tequila
1 lime (quartered)
1 kitten (optional)
1 Hot Fireman (optional)

If you can, have your fireman pour the can of limeade into a large pitcher, and hold onto the can. Fill the can with water and pour it into the pitcher. Pour in one full bottle of light beer. Measure out a can full of Sauza Tequila and stir to mix. Pour into a salt-rimmed glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. Cuddle up with your fireman and a kitten (because kittens make everything better) and enjoy.

If you need a more visual how-to, check out the tutorial below and see if you don’t get a little hot under the collar.