Cool and Useful: Three Dyson Products I’m Obsessed With

What to know what products I'm absolutely obsessed with? These innovative items are so cool and so smart, you won't know how you ever lived without them.

A Chic Way to Beat the Heat: The Dyson Air Multiplier is fashionable and functional. With its sleek bladeless, loop design and lack of exposed blades, it's easy to clean and safe for children and pets. Unlike conventional fans that are wired to run at just two or three settings, the Dyson Air Multiplier is powered by an energy efficient brush-less motor and adjustable air speed. I love these fans because they make a statement and keep me cool all summer long!$299.99 – $449.99.

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier: The Dyson Digital Slim is not only sleek and skinny, it's powerful, versatile, and effective. This versatile vacuum has anti-static carbon fiber brushes to remove fine dust particles from hard floors. The brush bar also has stiff nylon to pick up ground-in dirt from carpets. It’s a handheld, cordless vacuum that has a detachable, long-reach wand. A lightweight aluminum wand attaches directly to the machine to convert it from handheld to slim vacuum cleaner. I live in a small NYC apartment so I need something that's small but powerful – and this little guy keeps my humble home clean and neat. $299.99.

Say Adieu to Pet Allergies: The Dyson Groom has stainless steel bristles that safely remove loose hair and dead skin from dogs. As the pressure is released from the tool’s handle and the bristles retract, full suction is transferred to capture hair hygienically in the vacuum. This keeps the dog’s coat shiny and there is no need to clean the floor after use. Suitable for medium or long haired dogs, it pops easily onto the hose of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. The pressure is easy to control as the length of the bristles can be adjusted by pushing down on the trigger with the thumb. The Dyson groom tool benefits allergy sufferers (like me!) by capturing and retaining allergens spread around the home. I love my doggies, but hate my allergies. With the help of this nifty instrument, I've noticed that my dog doesn't shed nearly as much — which is a huge help with warding off my sniffles.$69.99.