Cool Down With Whitney Port and Snapple

Snapple and Whitney Port are celebrating National Iced Tea Day by giving New Yorkers some of the Best Stuff in Manhattan: free lunch from five of the top food trucks and a free Snapple. From downtown to midtown, New Yorkers can visit the Bian Dang, Eddie's Pizza, Rickshaw Dumpling, Schnitzel & Things and Souvlaki GR trucks to join the celebration. We caught Whitney chugging a bottle of Snapple, and asked her a few sizzling questions about her smoking-hot summer plans…

Tell me why you’re giving out Snapple iced tea today?
Today is National Iced Tea Day. What better way to celebrate than hand out Snapple and give it to people walking around. It’s kind of nice that people can have something refreshing.

What’s your favorite Snapple flavor?
Diet Peach. I think that’s the most popular one.

What’s your favorite thing about the summer?
I love the social aspect of it. You get to do everything outside. There’s a different kind of energy about everything. You can eat outside, you can work out outside. There’s something about being in the sunshine.

What are your five summer must haves?
A good pair of comfortable sunglasses, a light shawl to wear at night, a comfy string bikini, cut-off jean shorts, and tee shirts from Top Shop.

Do you have any exciting summer plans?
I am going to Dublin at the end of June. I’m pretty exited for that — I’ve never been. Other than that, I’ll probably go to Missouri to my family’s lake house.

You’re from L.A. and you moved back there after a few years in New York. What do you miss most about NYC?
I miss the way that you can walk out your door and experience new things and see new things and see cool new people. There’s so much more culture here.

And what do you love about Los Angeles?
The people. My family is from there. And my best friends are out there. Obviously, it’s where my heart is.

What are you working on now?
Well, I’m really focusing on my clothing line. I’m working on the Spring 2012 collection which hopefully I’ll be able to show at New York Fashion Week.

Tell us, what will be trendy for Spring 2012?
It’s a lot of print blocking and I do my own prints so it’s a watercolor floral aesthetic.

*Photos Courtesy of Bill Davila / Startraks