Cool Summer Popsicles


One of my absolute favorite parts about summer is the cool summer popsicles. But I’m not just talking about cold “cool.” I am talking about radical “cool” summer popsicles. These are definitely not the kind of popsicles you are going to find on the neighborhood ice cream truck. Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite flavors:

  1. Neon Gummy Bear Popsicles? These bad boys sing “summertime!”
  2. Stoyn Ice Cream makes celebrity sculptures out of popsicles. The Marilyn Monroe is my favorite!
  3. Cantaloupe Popsicles have a succulent sweetness followed by the perfume of ripe cantaloupe. Perfect for summer!
  4. Cocktail Popsicles? I am not sure if the ice cream truck approves, but we sure do!
  5. Eat dessert in style with Ombre Popsicles. Staying on trend in the color world is a must.

Melissa Johnson is the Founder and Creative Director of Best Friends For Frosting. A self-taught baker, she used the experience she gained from working at three different bakeries to launch Best Friends For Frosting, making her the entertaining expert and dessert stylist she is today. Her expertise has been exhibited on QVC, In The Kitchen With David, America’s Test Kitchen, Easy Food Magazine, Foodspotting, Amy Atlas, Craftzine, The Tomkat Studio and The Party Dress Magazine.