Correspond DKNY PR Girl Style

Few fashion houses have mastered the art of Twitter quite like @DKNY. The brand was among the first to join the social networking site and currently boasts over 180,500 followers. Style stalkers and fellow industry folk have taken notice of DKNY PR Girl's witty insider observations. It was only a matter of time before DKNY PR Girl became a brand in its own right. Cocodot, a pioneer in the online invitation space, has partnered with the Twitter personality to create a chic solution for communicating in the digital age.

The DKNY for Cocodot collection is a publicist's dream and allows you to express yourself in a fashionable way. Inspired by the Fall 2010 New York Art & Soul collection, the invites boast abstract florals, bold prints, and cool city scenes. And though we can't all work for Donna Karan or rule the Twitterverse, we can correspond with panache. Sign up for an annual membership for $49 or send individual cards for $.99 and invites for $19.