Costello Tagliapietra on Signature Scents, Suspenders, and Love for Miley Cyrus


One thing stronger than the science fiction and fantasy heroines who inspired Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2014, is the signature scent and accessory of the designers behind the brand: lavender, patchouli, and suspenders. We chatted with Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra backstage at their Milk Studios bow about their brand “uniform,” how women can take a note from their style of dress, and why they’re loving Miley Cyrus.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we have to find out your favorite scents! 

Jeffrey: Lavender! I love lavender.

Robert: And I’ve actually worn Molinard Patchouli for about 20 years.

What do you like to see each other wear?

Jeffrey: Cardigans!

Robert: I probably dress both of us, so I get to choose! We have a sort of uniform, so there’s not a lot of variety in our closet. It’s which plaid shirt, and which suspender, and which pair of pants.

Suspenders are definitely a signature for you two. What do you feel about women sporting the accessory?

Robert: We have women friends who have started to wear them, because they love them. I think it’s pretty easy. It always looks so chic on a woman. It depends on what you’re wearing, but it can be a really nice way to polish off your look. Wear it with pants, a skirt—that could be nice, but I’m afraid the skirt would hike up.

What accessory do you think every woman should have in her closet?

Robert: A great necklace is important. It’s so easy to doctor a look up with a beautiful necklace—or a beautiful bracelet.

How do you feel your Fall 2014 collection differs from Fall 2013?

Robert: It’s always an evolution. For this collection, the clothes are much more about the body, the lines of the body, and how they touch the body; how the seams sort of convey a strength and a femininity.

You two designed strong pieces that represent strong women—heroines—for Fall 2014. Is there any song that could soundtrack that concept?

Robert: We always look to Kate Bush. She’s a nice representation of those ideas.

Who is the Costello Tagliapietra heroine?

Jeffrey: Anne Sexton! [The pair told Style Like U, “She was someone who lived such a huge life in such a short period of time. Towards the end, with the drinking and smoking, you saw that age on her face. For me, it was like her poetry. Her whole life was in that… every single experience she had, was in what she looked like. That’s beauty.”]

This one, you two may find a little fun. Who do you think has had a better style evolution: Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus?

Robert: I’m kind of in love with Miley Cyrus right now. I think she’s pretty amazing. I think she’s smarter than everyone thinks she is.