Costumes, Cake, and Custom Cases: Cara Delevingne’s Birthday Madness


There was cake, costumes, and cross-dressing, custom made guitars and gifts galore, family, friends and a whole lot of fun. Sounds almost like your average birthday celebration, right? Cara Delevingne's 21st birthday was August 12th, and she documented each step of the multiple day celebration on her Instagram account. The bash began with a costume party with pals Monday night, where guests got decked out in sparkled, sequined, and spandex suits with crazy masks and circus capes. 'Thank you to all my friends for all their love and support and for making my birthday so special,” Delevingne captioned the photo of her celebratory group. “I would be nothing without you! #crossdressing #sparkles#camo #itsbeenemotional.'”

After an evening of chaos with her posse, the bushy browed beauty settled down for some family dinner and cake with her older sisters Poppy and Chloe, her parents, and grandmother. After blowing out the candles, Chloe presented her younger sibling with a beautiful guitar in a personalized case, featuring a sketch of the birthday girl and “Bow to the Brow” scrawled on the side. The art design came from, Black Score, the graphics brand who first brought the “Queen Delevingne” tee to life.

Although Delevingne was set to fly to Ibiza next week to wrap up her birthday celebrations, the party is supposedly canceled so that the model can detox and rest up, as the request of her agency, Storm. Suffering from psoriasis when overstressed, Delevingne is now on a six week break to avoid an outbreak and over exhaustion. Nonetheless, it looks like the busy model had quite the birthday already–we're especially jealous of her costume party. Here are a few pieces we would have rocked at the silly themed bash! Headband// Skirt// Leggings// Cape// Necklace// Cap