Could a New Justin Timberlake Album Be in the Works?



It's been a long road of anticipation for Justin Timberlake's fans, as the musician's moved from singing into making movies and putting his ideas into the social, interior design, and restaurant space. With his last album release back in 2006, fans of his songs have been anxously anticipiating when the former 'N Sync star would move back into the studio to create new music.

Finally, it looks like a new album could drop! Timberlake teased his Twitter followers with a short video, featuring him explaining his creative process while walking through hallways. At the end of the clip, he puts on headphones and simply says, “I'm ready.” Though he has yet to explicitly say he's releasing a new album, it's looking like we can infer that the soundtrack of 2013 will definitely include some JT jams!

Stay tuned – the official, official announcement is coming in three days!

Update: It's finally here! On one of Hollywood's biggest nights, JT dropped his first song from as yet untitled album. The Source was one of the first to nab the Future Sex/Love Sounds new Timbaland-produced tack, “Suit & Tie.” But he's not the only one listed in the credits, as Jay-Z makes a guest appearance and the combination shows a great maturity in the time they've both had off. Listen to the track here and snap it up on iTunes!