Courtly Style: Look (and Feel) Like a Princess


Royalty means, among other things, the ability to be both fiercely fashionable and charmingly whimsical. A modern princess knows that being born to reign comes down to more than what she wears on the outside—from tulle and tiaras to gems and jewels. It’s also about how she feels. If she radiates royalty, she’s sure to manifest majesty on the outside as well. With her inner zest for the beauty of life—the way the sun sparkles on her contemporary kingdom, how she stands out from the other nobility of her house—the royal lady knows where to look when the most special of circumstances surface. That’s why she chooses Vera Wang’s Princess perfume. Before beginning her dignified duties, she applies a spritz of the scent, combining a princess’s favorite fruits (lady apple, apricot, guava, and mandarin), the bouquets that adorn her powder room (Tahitian tiare flower, water lily, and wild tuberose), and, of course, the more enchanting qualities she desires within (fragrances from the forbidden woods, a royal musk, precious amber, and deep vanilla). Channel your own inner princess and sample the fragrance this summer.

1. Large Purple Flower Crown, available at Express for $19.90
2. Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray, available at Kohl’s for $45
3. Balenciaga Printed Silk Skirt, available at for $855
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6. Royalty Jeweled Heels, available at Topshop for $110