CR Fashion Book Gives Us Another Reason To Bow Down To Beyoncé (As If We Really Needed One)


As if her performance (not that that word even does it justice) at the VMAs wasn’t enough, Beyoncé is making more fashion news this week—as the cover star of the 5th issue of CR Fashion Book. It hits stands September 4, otherwise known as “B-Day.”

When CR Fashion Book shared the stunning cover on Instagram, our mouths just about hit the floor. Then, we saw photos from the spread on Tumblr, and our jaws actually did hit the floor. That stare! That hair! Dare we even speak about those other worldly cheekbones? Oh, and she also wrote a poem (remixed by Forrest Gander) called Bey The Light, which is featured alongside the incredible portraits. Carine: you struck sartorial gold with this spread.

Decked out in Yohji Yamamoto (on the cover), Prada, Saint Laurent, DKNY, Lorraine Schwartz, David Webb, Verdura, Givenchy and Harry Winston, Yoncé serves. it. up. We’re not even sure how that whole squat-and-simze thing is even humanly possible, but leave it to Beyoncé to prove that it most certainly is. In the scheme of one photoshoot, she manages to be sultry, full-on sexy, dangerous, a little bit silly (but, like, really, can we please look like that kind of black cat on Halloween?), humbled and powerful. How? We will never know.

Shot by Pierre Debusschere with creative direction from Riccardo Tisci, “The empress of pop meets a force of fashion. In her first collaboration with Carine Roitfeld, the ever-changing Beyoncé expresses her many moods, manners, auras, and multifaceted characters. All hail!” Lest we need to describe it in any other way: this is a bow down bitches fashion moment.