Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Photo Art

Get a bunch of plain, inexpensive pictures frames to paint and decorate. Print out large 8½-by-11-inch photos of family and friends to frame and hang in your house. Your kids will have fun playing with the funfilter effects like fish-eye, miniature, toy camera, soft focus, and blur background.


Capture moments and make memories by starting a scrapbook. Build a new page together after a family event or special occasion. Get a variety of stickers, pens, markers, and papers to give the book dimension, texture, and personality. And print out high-quality, borderless photos with your Canon PIXMA printer for a final finishing touch.


Instead of going to the store for a birthday or greeting card, create one together. You can make it simple with crayons, markers, and glitter, or go high-tech with a Canon PIXMA printer. Include photos or projects from Creative Park for a special gift that friends and loved ones will treasure.


The kids are busy with homework and extracurricular activities, and you’ve got lots of appointments and PTA meetings. Make a personalized family calendar with your with PIXMA printer. PIXMA Cloud Link lets you conveniently print pictures and calendar templates with a compatible Canon PIXMA Wireless All-in-One.


Seasonal stationery can be expensive—especially when it’s personalized. So instead of going to the paper boutique, create your own unique design at home with a Canon PIXMA printer.