Create Your Own Pair of Valentino Rockstuds


Valentino’s Rockstud line has reached new heights.

The wildly popular line for the Italian fashion house is allowing us, the consumer, to step into the design chair with a new collection of customizable accessories in shades of the brand’s iconic red, Luxury Daily is reporting. Now, this is a DIY we can get behind!

“The intended audience is one that includes the core consumer who is already a brand loyalist while also introducing additional shoppers whose interest is piqued due to the focus on hues and customization,” Kimmie Smith, an accessories expert told the site. “The idea of making things personal and incorporating a brand’s heritage into your own in a new way is universal to those that have frequented the brand as well as those that were either on the fence in terms of purchasing or are completely new to coveting these items.”

We’re absolutely sure that you’ll covet this customizable collection. Who wouldn’t want to create their own Rockstud? Now you can place personalized studs on pumps, handbags and small leather goods.