Cruise Control: Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise Hit Red Carpet Record


Tom Cruise’s latest action film—Edge of Tomorrow—hasn’t even been released at the box office, and already, he and co-star Emily Blunt are setting records. Cruise, Blunt, and director Doug Liman premiered the film on May 28th in three different countries, on three different red carpets, in just 24 hours. The London, to Paris, to New York City jaunt was made available to fans across the globe in a live stream, where they could “reset” their day and follow the trio, a play on the film’s time loop premise.

Blunt easily adapted to each stop’s distinct aesthetic, opting for a paisley dress from British-based brand Osman for London’s 8:30 a.m. premiere; a sexy, sheer two-piece from David Koma for Paris’ 3:30 p.m. carpet; and a rich, tailored Prada gown for New York’s 10:00 p.m. close, where film producer Erwin Stoff revealed what he hoped the three-point trip would achieve.

“I feel like everybody’s a little bit tired of traveling to each city and doing the same premieres over and over again, he told The Hollywood Reporter. “And what I’m hoping is that the notion of being on the sort of ‘edge of tomorrow’ kind speaks thematically to what the movie actually is and I’m kind of hoping that those two things begin to feed off each other.”

Though their red carpet rundown did finally come to a close early Thursday morning, Liman says the film itself will have a much more emotional impact.

Edge of Tomorrow actually takes it a step further in that you have a character that’s immortal in the way that video game characters are, but you also get that same frustration of getting almost to the end and then, ‘Oh no, I was sent back to the beginning,’” Liman told THR. “Once you take away the fact that [Cruise’s character] can’t die, you suddenly get into much more interesting stakes because you’re like, ‘Ugh, I gotta start all over right from the beginning,’ and everybody can relate to that. It’s such an emotional experience.”

Edge of Tomorrow, starring Cruise, Blunt, Bill Paxton, and Brendan Gleeson lands in theaters next Friday.