Crystal Renn On Fashion & What She Would’ve Been If She Wasn’t A Model


Walking down the red carpet at the New York For Children Fall Gala, Crystal Renn was a vision in her sequined spider-web gown. And would you just look at that pose?! In honor of the evening’s event, Renn filled us in on how she ended up in the modeling biz at a young age, after mentioning that medicine could’ve been her calling. But after being shaped into the model she is today, it’s clear that Renn has developed her own sense of style…one that she totally works whether she’s caught on camera or coasting down the red carpet.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be an astronomer, and I wanted to be a lawyer. I’m very good at science. Math and science – they were my best classes. But astronomy turned into astrology, so what can you do? I’m into “advanced” astrology. I’ve done thousands of charts. I actually remember people based on their charts. It’s very odd. It’s not normal, but, yes.

How did you get into fashion?

It was a surprise to me. I was in a finishing school when I was 14, and it turned into a beauty school when I was there. A scout came to [my school in] Mississippi and goes, “You’re gonna be a supermodel,” and I’m like, “What’s a super model?” He goes “A model is this!” and he opens up a magazine, and that was it. I was like, “I’m intrigued. Okay, sure, I’ll do it.” I started modeling because I thought it was going to pay for Yale. Then modeling turned into this whirlwind thing. Haven’t gone to Yale yet. If I did, I would probably be a doctor at this point if I wanted to do something different, but I’m so inspired by photography and modeling that it looks like I’m staying in this business.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I really believe that one should dress based their mood. I have a love of interesting shapes and I love a sequin. If I do wear color, it’s a very, very rare thing. Designers like Rick Owens, Martin Margiela – they have very strong lines, interesting shapes. I like avant-garde, interesting aesthetics.

What trends are you excited to try for fall?

I try to stay away from trend. I just follow what I like. I feel like when I’m 90 I’ll be wearing the same thing.

Is there any trend that you hate?

Not for other people, but maybe for myself: I don’t like flowers or too much print. But this dress [I’m wearing] is a very good exception of a pattern that I do love. It’s by Gabriela Cadena.