Current Obsession: A Post-Holiday Detox


The holidays are such a happy time but we can’t ignore that they often do a number on our bodies. Overeating, eating the wrong things, and skipping the gym in favor of nights cozied on the couch all add up after awhile. By time January rolls around, most of us are actually ready to get back on track – and we should definitely listen to our bodies when they tell us that. Whenever I start to feel sluggish or tired, and like I need something to revive my health again, I turn to a detox. Of course, that can mean many different things, but I have a few favorite methods.


You don’t necessarily need to go on a crazy-strict lemon-water only cleanse to flush the toxins from your system after the holidays. But to make it worthwhile and effective, I do turn to lemon as one of the main ingredients. I like to mix a cup of hot water with lemon, ginger root, and a dash of cayenne pepper. A bit of Manuka honey sweetens it while adding antibacterial and inflammatory properties. These drink ingredients aid in digestion and promote a healthy immune system, which is much needed in the middle of winter!

Aside from detoxifying drinks, there are countless ways to incorporate healthy food that also helps flush toxins from your body. Some examples include apples (which have fiber and glucaric acid for sweeping out toxins), garlic, and citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit. While some people go on a fruits-and-veggies-only type of detox diet in the new year, you can simply incorporate these as ingredients into other healthy dishes for extra help in cleansing. It’s definitely something worth sticking to year round, too!

Since the holidays can mean a major lack of sleep, it’s vital to get back on a normal, healthier sleep schedule. From back-to-back travel to cramming before school or work gets out, all those days off usually mean working twice as hard to get to the finish line. Even though I’m traveling most of January, I want to start off the year by ensuring I rest when I need it. If you feel the same, try a sleep app like Sleep Cycle to monitor and review your sleep patterns, and make sure to unplug for a bit before bed so you can log 6-8 quality hours of sleep each night. Then you’ll be ready to greet the day – and year – when the time comes.

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