Current Obsession: The Transparency Trend



1. Topshop Jacket, $75
2. Jeweled Clutch, $74
3. Dior Gel Topcoat, $27
4. Fendi Cat-eye Sunglasses, $465
5. Clear Jelly Sandals, $37
6. 'Look See' Clutch, $38
7. iPhone 6 Case, $35

I love when a trend first seems really out there, but then the more you think of it, you realize it’s actually kind of practical! Take transparent accessories – you can rock sunnies or shoes without considering whether they will clash with the colors you’re currently into. Plus, the focus is on what’s inside – why choose a smartphone case that will hide the chic gold or silver you chose when you upgraded to an iPhone 6? With a clear case, there’s no need to hide your tech; it’ll look at as sleek as it did the day you took it out of the store packaging (although a little glitter never hurts).

With clutches and the fun jacket above, you can show off what’s inside as well. Your must-have pocket beauty picks and smaller on-the-go accessories can fill the pouch to add interest to your look without pulling the color palette in a totally different direction. Not to mention it’s a great way to express yourself and show off some awesome products. And maybe you just want to rock a white tee on any given day? Just polish the look off with a statement piece like a clear jacket and you don’t need much else.

The best part about this trend is that although it may seem like you have to ditch color to rock it, you can actually pull off a vibrant look. It may seem like going transparent means steering clear of color (pun intended), but it simply depends on what you’re feeling that day. I am getting into cool pastels as of late – calming blues and purples with little pops of pink – and pairing that with transparent accessories makes it stand out in a whole new way. Even if you’re not entirely sure what colors to pair with clear yourself, there are a ton of options (hello, blinged out box clutch!) all ready for wear.

What’s your take on transparent? Yay or nay?!

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