Currently Mental for Metal Belts


And our new sought after accessory is: the ultra chic, perfectly edgy metal belt. We've been in a metallic craze here at Glam for awhile now, from high shine bags to boots, and have concluded that this is our next must have piece in line with the trend. As Leelee Sobieskishowed us back in the fall, a show stopping belt, like her gold plated version, does wonders for a solid color ensemble. Her coat dress (another must have item for your wardrobe!) makes the jump from ordinary to extraordinary thanks to the brilliant accessory cinched around her waist. Grace Atwood of Stripes and Sequins, too, shows us her take on the metal belt trend, wearing her glistening gold version slung lower on her hips with an all black ensemble and burgundy bag. To copy these ladies' styles, we love this link and plate gold metal belt from ASOS or this rosy sheet version available at Nasty Gal, both show stopping but ultra versatile. While we totally dig how both Leelee and Grace wore their belts, may we suggest another styling must do? Pair the metallic waist belt with a feminine dress this spring, perhaps a ruffled gown or pastel frock. The juxtaposition between a sweet and girly outfit and hardcore accessory is a savvy street style must. What do you think? Will you be shopping for a metal belt soon?

image via Stripes and Sequins