Currently Obsessed: Graphic Tees


Sometimes basics are underrated when it comes to our wardrobe. We have plenty of staple denim and tees, but we forget that a fun saying or bold print can bring these pieces to life and make them our favorites. No matter how much I love a fitted dress and heels, at the end of the day it’s those casual, comfy, but still stylish, outfits that make me feel best. That’s why, this month, I’m crushing hard on graphics tees.

A unique graphic tee can really show off your personality. Whether it’s a phrase or mythical animal gracing the front, graphic tees are a fun way to represent your passions, hobbies, or overall sentiments. I’m a huge fan of rocking ones with a '90s nostalgia feel, because who doesn’t love the shows and style that dominated this era? And shirts with inspirational quotes, not only build me up throughout the day, but also brighten other’s when it rings true for them as well.

No matter how casual you think a tee may be, there are plenty of ways to dress them up. You can layer a blazer over your’s for a professional look, make it fancy with a statement necklace, or throw one over a dress for an edgier, layered twist. The possibilities are endless!

This month, get your fix with some of my favorite graphic tees below.

1. Clueless Whatever Tee 2. Project Social Tee California Tank Top 3. Denija High Tide Waves Tank 4. People Tree Sweet Like Honey Tee

What does your favorite graphic tee have on it?
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