Cushnie et Ochs is New Material, Same (Michelle Pfeiffer) Muse


If Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs could have any celebrity sit front row, it’d probably be Michelle Pfeiffer, channeling her 1983 Scarface role as Tony Montana’s lady tiger, Elvira.


“She’s forever our muse,” chimed Cushnie, after winding down from the rush that is presenting a collection at Made Fashion Week. “The ultimate, badass, chick.”

For Fall 2014, said badass chick headed southwest for an extended stay in the Lone Star State. “It was this fantasy packing of a New York girl going to Texas,” said Cushnie. “It’s still very much that sexy, sleek girl; she’s a little bit more romanticized… but still strong—picked up that Texas attitude, put the hat on.”

And the bling to match.

“You don’t see jewelry a lot from us,” said Ochs, referencing novel details the pair implemented into their work. “It felt like the most-accessorized collection” Cushnie added. “Jennifer Fisher did the jewelry, Albertus [Swanepoel] did the hats. We’ve not used a lot of velvet before—it felt really rich with the velvet, the lace, the duchess satin.”

For Ochs, it’s an easy philosophy. “A lot of new materials, but still the same DNA.” This round, with a new heroine to lead the pack.

Karolina [Kurkova]’s look, look one, is one of our favorites,” said Cushnie. “We’ve dressed her several times, met her several times, gone to events with her, and she just is such a Cushnie et Ochs girl. She’s sexy, and strong… she’s a woman, she’s a mother. She’s all of these things. She’s kind of just a badass girl.”