Cynthia Rowley Expands the Market on Lower Priced Eyewear


If you're in the market for new glasses, and on the hunt for an affordable alternative from Warby Parker, then look no further. In order to expand the market on fashionable yet wallet friendly spectacles, Cynthia Rowley just announced a line of lower priced eyewear!

“Cynthia feels strongly that eyewear is an accessory,” said Peter Arnold, Rowley's CEO. “You shouldn't just buy one [pair] because you can only afford one [pair] every couple of years. You should have a few pairs at home and change them as you would a shoe or a bag.”

To provide options and choices for both men and women, Rowley created Rowley Eyewear and Mr. Powers, with thirty different styles of eyewear from cat-eye shapes to aviator frames. The collection works in the same method as Warby Parker: sign up to receive four different frames to try on at home, then place on order through the website.

However, this is hardly a Warby Parker part two. “This is fashion,” explained Arnold. “What we're offering is very different and distinct because it's designed by a designer,” he says. “And there's a seasonality to it, I'd argue.” Additionally, Rowley is offering an insurance plan, priced at $60/year, which gives customers the chance to trade in frames if they ever endure damage or are lost.

Rowley Eyewear and Mr. Powers are available on Rowley ranging in price from $99 for non-prescription glasses and sunglasses to $129 for prescription lenses.