Cynthia Rowley Thinks Outside of the Birchbox for Beauty


We should’ve known there was something up when we left the Birchbox Fashion Week Suite in September, carrying a Cynthia Rowleytote!

The designer partnered the sample subscription service to test the waters for a beauty line. Starting today, cosmetic junkies can pre-order the first offerings, including a 12-hour liquid eyeliner as well as a limited edition eye shadow palette and gilded canvas bag. Plus, she’s slated her spring collection to come in an exclusive Birchbox next year.

Rowley expanded her touch from dresses to (most recently) eye wear to bandages and even candy. Pulling from her experience, she wanted to create a dialogue with beauty buffs and her fashionable fans to expand into a more cohesive collection that can branch from Birchbox. “The eyewear site is a very similar model to what we are doing now in beauty,” she told Women’s Wear Daily. “Rather than just throwing more product in the world, it’s about influencing design in a new way.”