Dannijo Didn’t Cast Fall 2014, Admits #Boxerina Was a Risky Move


Jodie Snyderand her sister Danielle weren’t afraid to step into the ring for their New York Fashion Week presentation at Chelsea’s Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. Their ballerina-meets-boxing debut, dubbed #Boxerina, was one of the most compelling, admirable feats of Fall 2014. But before the sisters reveled in the reward of another buzzed-about show, they dealt with a considerable risk.

“Dannijo is more about the lifestyle and the people that embody the jewelry,” Snyder shared as members of the American Ballet Company seduced bauble buffs with choreographed routines. “It might be hard to see each individual piece here, but it really does showcase the inspiration of the collection and how it comes to life.”

The Snyder sisters’ newfound obsession with boxing and opening night at the American Ballet Theatre is where their collection was first conceived.

“These are two sports you normally don’t think of together, [but] there was a really cool way to tie them together,” said Snyder. “The boxing, being a little bit rougher, and ballet being softer and more beautiful—we felt like this juxtaposition of these two different worlds, was beautiful.”

It also required that they entrust ABT corps de ballet member Nicola Curry with bringing their vision to life.

“We didn’t do the casting this season,” Snyder added. “Doing a choreographed performance is doing something that we’ve never done before. At other presentations, their models don’t have much movement. We really worked with the choreographer and she cast [the ballerinas] from her company. For us, this obviously is about the talent of ballet. They’re just as beautiful as models, but it is different.”

Just like their customized show soundtrack. Instead of going with Miss Kittin, who we heard at the likes of Christian Siriano and Costello Tagliapietra, the Snyder sisters tuned in to a living sports legend.

“We’re obsessed with Neil Leifer; this is his voice,” said Snyder, referencing the famed sports photographer whose voice played throughout the two-hour presentation. “We interviewed him and we were able to splice it with the music. So it’s all of these worlds—the ballet, the boxing, his voice. We have all of these great things and dimensions.”