DANNIJO’s American Tale

One is a little bit classic, the other is a little bit rock n' roll. Sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder are like the jewelry designing version of Donny and Marie. Only instead of DonniMo, together they are DANNIJO. This season the sisters fused their love of two American eras: the wild west and the roaring ‘20s to create their Fall 2011 collection. Statement silhouettes, daring shapes and rustic hues glittered in the soft light, creating a relaxed, pastoral vibe. But the girls still served up plenty of glamour and certainly didn’t skimp in the crystal department.

What sparked this collection?
Danielle: Since we’re sisters we always try to focus on melding our two different aesthetics and personalities together. She’s a little bit more classic, and I’m a little more bohemian. This season we were inspired by the wild west and juxtaposing that with the opulence of the roaring 20s. We used Swarovski elements to make the rustic color palette of the oxidized brass a little more glam.

Who is more wild west and who is more roaring ‘20s?
Jodie: We both love the aesthetic of the wild west and then we love that polished glamour. It’s actually something we really agree on. So we can fight over who gets which title!
Danielle: And I like how you said we can fight over it, Jodie, because that really gets at the heart of the jewelry. It’s the concept of these two worlds fighting. You can see both opposing worlds, the frontier and the 1920s, in one piece.

Favorite movies from these time periods?
Jodie: I love The Great Gatsby.
Danielle: I love Legends of the Fall.

You are Floridians, so how do you escape the frigid temps?
Danielle: We love going to Mexico for vacation. I need a tan right about now.
Jodie: And I could use a hot cup of cider right about now.