Danny McBride Talks About His New Film Your Highness

In anticipation of the release of Your Highness (out this Friday), GQ caught up with the funny film's star and co-writer, Danny McBride. The man behind America’s most quotable anti-hero, Kenny Powers, talks about his new Middle Aged stoner comedy, touching on things like the movie’s budget: “We love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and how they approached not having the budget of a big movie. But David’s whole idea [for Your Highness] was that the joke would be that it’s not low-budget. We wanted to make it look as much like Harry Potter or Clash of the Titans as we possibly could,” and its crazy-weird humor: “If you don’t like the Minotaur dick, you’re not gonna like our movie, and we’re okay with that.” McBride also reveals some of his future plans — acting, directing, producing — while ultimately proclaiming his dedication to writing: “Keep it street. Just me and my word processor.”

You can see the full GQ article HERE.

Photo: Terry Richardson/GQ