Dark Skin, Pink Lips: How to Make It Work According to @MAC_Romero_J

Maybelline model Jessica White would look incredibly stunning wearing any lipstick color, but she's especially gorgeous here with a pretty petal pink pout. We're a tad bit envious though; we clearly share the exact same complexion, yet we can't pull off that lip color.

Or can we?

We chatted with Romero—one of MAC's marvelous senior makeup artists—at the MAC Wonder Woman SoHo Pop-Up Shop last week, and asked him to impart a bit of his infinite wisdom on us. Here's what he had to say:

“You have to use a lip pencil (like Chestnut or Cork); it's really important. You can't just buy a really bright lip gloss or a lipstick and put it on by itself. I always recommend you use a base of brown lipstick (like Photo). If you're not a fan of pencil, use a brown lipstick and blot the excess and layer the gloss or lipstick over it. This way you get a balance of the brown (like your complexion) and the bright color at the same time.”

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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