David Yurman and Liya Kebede Love Mothers


On Thursday, David Yurman and Liya Kebede announced an amazing partnership between the supermodel’s charity, The Liya Kebede Foundation and the jewelry designer. Together they created a new petite pave ID bracelet featuring a white diamond inscription of the word love written in Yurman’s handwriting.

“I’ve always loved David Yurman,” the model told GLAM on Thursday. “It’s so eternal, classic and beautiful. Finding out that as a company, they always do a lot of social work. They collaborate with people to work on causes for women.”

A perfect fit for the mother of two, her charity focuses only on maternal health.

“It’s funny, one of their [David Yurman] public relations people was at the GlamourWomen of the Year awards,” she continued. I was there to get an award. That’s really how this whole thing came about. They wanted do something for Mother’s Day, which is really great for us. For me with the foundation, this is something that we’ve been working on forever, not just as a mom, but making sure women get access to basic medical care during pregnancy is very important to us.”

A message that can be spread with something just as simple as wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry.

“[It’s been great] collaborating with them and working on a really beautiful piece of jewelry to get the messaging out about how we can remember moms,” Kebede adds. “To tell them how much we love them and to make sure they stay alive for their children.”

What’s not to love about that?! The David Yurman Love ID Bracelet is available here for $895. For the weekend of April 25th and May 3rd a percentage of the sales proceeds will go to Liya’s foundation to support the Hawassa Safe Mothering Center in Ethiopia.