Day In the Life: Angel Sanchez

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Angel Sanchez, who will show his Fall 2014 collection today, caught up with us before Fashion Week to share his daily routine. Here's how the designer spends his time leading up to Fashion Week:

6:30 AM

It is hard to wake up, but I do it on time. The first thing I do is connect with Spotify and search for the Relax station. I like to take the necessary time and prepare myself for the day. No matter how much in a rush I’m in I don’t leave my bedroom without making the bed.

6:45 AM

For me it’s very important to have breakfast at home. I do my own breakfast, something scrumptious preferably. Ham and cheese quesadillas are my favorites or French toast with bacon…and always a strong cappuccino. I read the New York Times.

8:00 AM

Dressed and ready to take the L train to my office, but before I drink a glass with orange juice with 4 drops of B12 and Emergency C. This makes me feel strong and in a good mood.

8:30 AM

I love to get to the office before anyone else, but most of the times, Mario, my cutter is already there. I have WWD waiting for me at that time, but I only take a quick look at it and read the headlines, but I prefer to save it for my lunch time. I dedicate around 20 minutes to my inbox, I try to answer almost all of my emails and I’m very happy when no new ones pop up!

9:00 AM

My assistant designer, for more than 15 years, Armando arrives and we take that time to review the day…that moment is key because we discuss the details of every piece that we are making in the sample room at the time and we make decisions and changes on mannequins.

10:30 AM

Every 2 or 3 days a model comes to do fittings of new looks that we have finished. This is the moment that I enjoy the most!!! To see the dress in movement is extremely important for my design process. With the fittings we realize which things need to be changed, any technical problems or sometimes great surprises when we see some looks that don’t seem to be appealing and they look much better than I thought…Also, I take this moment to start imagining the hair and makeup styles, the accessories I want, and the lineup of the collection.

12:30 PM

My lunch arrives. I like to eat lunch on time and without worrying what the menu will be. For years, I’ve used a homemade food service Fashionable Delights I like to eat alone, especially in these days where we have so much stress! I don’t like lunch to turn into a business meeting.

2:00 PM

I love being my own casting director. Although it takes a lot of time to do it, I enjoy it and I make sure to have the appropriate girls for the right looks…I start making decisions before the final fittings…The worst frustration is that sometimes I love some girls that we try to book and then they aren’t available… This can put me in a really bad mood!

4:00-7:00 PM

This is the time that I leave open for any meetings that I can’t cancel. Most of the times the schedule is filled with meetings regarding details for the show: music, hair and makeup tests, Skype with the shoe designer, etc. If I have free time I use it to sketch my upcoming bridal collection, choose fabrics and embroideries…we should start working on the next collection right after the show!

7:30 PM

Even though I’m so busy right before the show, I try not to miss my Brooklyn Body Burns every two days. The workouts are very intense, but it helps me relax. I sleep much better that way and it puts me in a better mood.

8:45 PM

At home! As a Venezuelan, I like to drink a whisky on the rocks while I check my personal emails. I call my mom or a friend.

9:30 PM

The last two weeks prior the show I try not to schedule any work dinners.. I prefer to be home saving energy…Chris cooks while I help him with the basics, we have dinner with a glass of wine and we share our day and details about the collection.

10:30 PM

I watch CNN for a while, most of the times in bed…but with my note book handy just in case so I don’t forget about something for the next day, especially for the show.

11:30 PM

I turn off the lights, but the first 15 minutes before falling asleep I review the collection in my mind and I picture how it will soon look on the runway…when I start to hear the music, I fall asleep happy.