Day In the Life: Antoinette Beenders, Creative Director of Aveda Global

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Antoinette Beenders, Creative Director of Aveda Global shares a day in her life during New York Fashion Week. Here she shares her daily schedule:

7:00 AM

Alarm clock goes off! Work out. Then, I get dressed in head-to-toe black. It’s the Aveda way.

9:30 AM

Head outside to hop in a cab. It’s really cold. I think I brought the Minnesota weather with me.

10:00 AM

Arrive at The Pennsylvania Hotel and ask the hotel staff to point me in the right direction to Café Rouge. They tell me it is around the corner. Back outside I go in the cold, around the corner, through the loading dock entrance, past several security guards (also all dressed in black), and…I am there.

10:15 AM

Grab an Aveda “Catwalks for Water” water bottle backstage and fill it up with New York City tap water.

10:30 AM

Gather with the Aveda team and start the first model.

10:45 AM

Chat with Kimberly Ovitz backstage and review the hair on the first model.

11:00 PM

Press begin to arrive. Several editors and photographers gather around me for an interview on the look we are creating.

12:00 PM

Dress rehearsal. All of the models head out to the show area and I pop in to watch. A few editors follow me.

12:30 PM

A cute redhead sits down in my chair and I recognize her. We just filmed a piece with her for on the new Fall Collection that will debut in July. I finish up her hair and give her a huge hug.

12:45 PM

Finishing up the last model.

1:00 PM

It’s show time! I am behind the stage with the models giving finishing touches to each model before she steps on stage. Anna Wintour is sitting in the front row.

1:30 PM

It was a fantastic show! I head backstage to meet up with the Aveda film crew to record an interview describing the look we created. The footage will be used in Aveda Salon’s to play in their lobby with footage from the Aveda Shows at New York Fashion Week.

2:0 PM

We finish packing up backstage…then I am off to grab lunch with my stylist team.

4:30 PM

Hair test with Christian Siriano to prep for Saturday’s show.

7:00 PM

Now it’s time to train the Aveda team at the Aveda Academy for Christian Siriano’s show.