Day in the Life: Caroline Byron, Gluten-Free Pastry Chef

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Glam checked in with gluten-free chef and fashionista Caroline Byron fresh from her trip to Paris where she not only took in the sights and tastes of the city, but unintentionally went shoe shopping with Beyoncé. Here, she shares her appetizing adventure:

7:45 AM:

My alarm goes off, I snooze it once then drag myself into the shower. I’m still pretty jet lagged, but I want to get a pretty early start to the day. Instead of staying in a hotel, I’ve rented a beautiful apartment in the 2nd to share with my manager and stylist for the weekend. Apartments, like everything else, are just so much more charming in Paris than in New York. Having a charming window and view to look at makes it so much easier to get out of bed.

8:00 AM:

Blowout my hair and do my makeup for the day. I try and rush this part as much as I can, but I have meetings I have to look presentable for and it’s too cold to go outside with wet hair. It takes me around 45 minutes.

8:45 AM:

One of the best things about staying in an apartment is that you can pretend for a short period of time that you live in Paris. I explored the neighborhood when I got in the day before and stumbled upon the most amazing juice place five minutes away. I walk there now for my morning juice. It’s called Juice It on the rue de la Vrillière, and they having amazing organic cold press juices. I talk to the owner who had lived in New York for 8 years and opened the shop when she moved back to Paris.

9:15 AM:

Mornings here are so much more quiet and peaceful than in New York, and walking back to the apartment in the near empty streets is an almost meditative experience.

9:40 AM:

Once back I quickly go over my itinerary for the trip and send a few emails. It’s 4:30 a.m. in New York so there’s nothing too urgent, which is such a nice break. We call a car to take us to breakfast. All the Uber cars here are Mercedes, so it really feels like you have your own driver and is much nicer than in New York.

10:00 AM:

We arrive at Café Marly at the Louvre. Definitely more of a touristy place, but you can’t beat the view sitting outside. I get an omelette and my first café au lait of the day. I allow myself to indulge in a cigarette and it is perfect. Even though I started my day with green juice and I quit smoking years ago, I think allowing these little moments are necessary for a full life.

11:00 AM:

We wander around the Louvre for an hour -- I love museums and despite the crowds I always see something that inspires me. Today it’s "The Four Seasons" by Arcimboldo. The four surreal portraits use flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables to create the likenesses and represent the seasons. It’s incredible; they were painted 450 years ago, so ahead of their time.

12:30 PM:

Lunchtime already- I have a meeting with the owner of the most amazing gluten-free patisserie and café in Paris, Helmut Newcake. Located in the 10th arrondissement, it’s a lovely place to sit and eat – most regular bakeries in Paris don’t have seating. I talk to the owner, Francois, about all the pastries and the difficulty of making gluten-free croissants. I order almost everything to try, having a fougasse tomate (sort of like a French Panini) for lunch with more coffee. Everything is incredible. If it weren’t for the signs saying “sans gluten” you would never know you weren’t in a traditional French bakery. The éclairs are perfect. My gluten-eating companions rate them better than the regular ones they had yesterday, and the tarte au citron is one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m in gluten-free paradise, and I take 4 boxes of pastries with me. I’m now on a mission to bring this gluten-free experience to New York.

2:30 PM:

We head to the rue Saint-Honoré for a bit of afternoon shopping. We stop by Colette, which is always a must see while in Paris. Their collection is always perfectly curated and effortlessly cool, and they have a water bar downstairs. I’m looking at the shoes upstairs when I look to my right, I see the woman standing right next to me looking at a pair of Alaia’s is Beyoncé. Of course she shops at Colette.

5:00 PM:

Back at the apartment to rest a bit before dinner. Catching up on emails now that it’s a reasonable hour in New York., I write down notes for a few recipes I want to try after being inspired at Helmut Newcake.

6:00 PM:

Getting ready for drinks with an editor from Madame Figaro before dinner. I change into a Yigal Azrouël dress that happens to match the sofa.

7:00 PM:

Have a lovely time with Sonia from Madame Figaro at the Hôtel Costes. We sit outside on the terrace while we chat about the differences in gluten-free cuisine in Paris and New York. The bar and restaurant here is one of the best places to see and be seen in Paris. The décor and ambiance are classic Parisian chic, the perfect place for drinks.

9:00 PM:

I meet my friends for dinner at the new restaurant Monsieur Bleu at the Palais de Tokyo. Everyone had told me it was a must see and the restaurant is beautiful. We have such a fun time catching up, as I haven’t seen some of my Parisien friends in a couple of years. We head to our friend Philippe’s apartment after dinner.

2:00 AM:

Finally back at the apartment and heading to bed. Had such a fun time at dinner and Philippe’s I didn’t want the night to end. Days and nights in Paris always go by so fast. I go to sleep so grateful to be in this city and having these amazing experiences and hoping I dream of gluten free pastries.