Day in the Life: Cesar Ramirez, Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Glam caught up with Cesar Ramirez after one manic Monday! Follow along as he geared up to get La La Anthony red carpet ready for fashion's biggest night, the Met Gala:

8:00 AM:

Wake up! I'm usually too anxious and excited to sleep in on days where I know I'll be working for a major red carpet event. Even though by this time I've already prepped and have had multiple discussions regarding the look we are going for, including attending the fitting the night before.

8:30 AM:

I have some Chobani Greek yogurt and a protein shake. I'm not a coffee person at all, and most people wonder how I go without caffeine everyday. Then, I hit the gym and weight train. I like to go between 9:00AM-12:00PM when it's mostly empty so I can concentrate on my workout and have the gym to myself. Working out is a huge stress reliever and centers me.

10:00 AM:

Leave the gym and have some breakfast. It’s usually 3 eggs scrambled and gluten-free raisin toast while I read my email, set up my day, and work on future bookings.

11:00 AM:

Pack my kit. I'm very, very particular about the way my kit is packed, and I like it to be organized and clean. I also over-pack because I never like to feel like I don't have something I need on set. You never know!

12:00 PM:

Hop onto the subway to go to the salon for a last minute prepping on any wigs or hair pieces I'll be using. This is where I'll usually meet my assistant, Netty, who’s waiting for me with a fresh-squeezed juice.

2:00 PM:

Leave the salon and head to La La Anthony's house to make a 3:00PM call time. I usually will get there early to set up or send Netty ahead to set up so we can get right to it.

3:00 PM:

La La, the makeup artist, her stylist, and I will decide what our final look will be. We usually spend the time laughing and having fun. It's never a stressful situation with La La.

5:30 PM:

It's crunch time! The last few minutes get hectic. At this point we are doing final touches and sprays while she gets into her dress. I'm a perfectionist so I'll touchup until she says, "Stop! I have to go. Love you.” When you're this close to your client, it's like seeing your daughter go off to prom. You end up feeling so happy and proud of them! For this look, we decided to do a sleek yet elegant look that reminds me of Old Classic Hollywood. I used Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade for a really shiny, sleek, beautiful look.

6:00 PM:

I usually will drive in the car with my client to make sure nothing goes wrong during the car ride. It's the last chance you have until the big moment on the red carpet.

7:00 PM:

About an hour later, I comb the web with the makeup artist and stylist for the first round of photos posted on blogs and wire image. We finally get to rest after seeing our hard work posted for the world to see! Follow @Cesar4Styles on Twitter and Instagram!