Day in the Life: George Papanikolas, Matrix Celebrity Stylist

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George Papanikolas is one of the stylists who brought balayage from behind the salon chair to the hair color aisle by transforming the technique into the biggest hair trend of 2014 with help from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Sofia Vergara, and many more strand style setters. Glam caught up with the stylist to the stars as he perfects his Ecaille (or tourtoisehell) hair coloring technique, which is already on its way to becoming the nest big beauty trend, and puts the finishing touches on his home renovations:

6:00 a.m.:

Wake up, have two cups of coffee and breakfast. Check emails, respond to media requests, pay bills.

7:00 a.m.:

Contractor Meeting. I'm in the tail end of my home renovation and need to meet with them daily to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly!

7:30 a.m.:

1 hour workout at Equinox to clear my mind for the day ahead of me.

9:00 a.m.:

I arrive at the Andy LeCompte Salon. I can have about 20-30 appointments depending on the day. I primarily do color and work with three assistants. We have the system down and run like a well-oiled machine!Right now, I have so many clients asking for the Ecaille trend that have been seen on celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Kelly Rowland. To get this look, I would use Matrix SOCOLOR UL-AA with 40 volume. To maintain the Color, use a color safe and low pH Shampoo and Conditioner to extend the color of your hair, such as Matrix Biolage COLORLAST Shampoo and Conditioner.

Middle of the Day:

Every day is different, but there are many days where my scheduled appointments will get interrupted by a last minute celebrity request needing a touch up for an upcoming event, an urgent press request as a result of my relationship with Matrix, or unexpected travel plans that I need to tend to, so its important for my team and I to be extremely flexible in our scheduling!

7:00 p.m.:

This is when I typically wrap up my appointments for the day. I start winding down and prepping for the following work day.

7:30 p.m.:

After work, I usually meet friends for dinner and then head out. Whether it is an event, an art gallery opening, there is always something!

10:30 p.m.:

I’m in bed by now, unwinding from the day and prepping for the next day to come!