Day in the Life: Jamie Greenberg, mark Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Glam caught up with mark's go-to makeup artistJamie Greenberg as she primped Kaley Cuocofor her latest commercial, filmed a few clips for her YouTube channel, and squeezed in a few shows before bedtime with her family. Here she shares her schedule from the set:

6:00 AM:

I am not a morning person, but waking up to LA sunshine does help! Coffee is also a great motivator – I can’t say no to a cup of hazelnut blend - and regardless of what my breakfast options are, I always eat a banana!

6:15 AM:

I like to start my day with some form of exercise. This can be anything from an early morning run to a yoga class to tae bo, but today I’m going to Soul Cycle.

8:30 AM:

It’s school-time! I drop my three year old daughter, Leni off at school.

8:45 AM:

It’s time to head to set to start filming Kaley’s new television commercial. Traffic is brutal in Los Angeles, so I like to pump up Howard Stern...he's a great interviewer and he passes the time.

9:45 AM:

Once I arrive on set, I meet the crew and Kaley to review the day’s script in case I need to make any tweaks to her beauty looks.

10:00 AM:

There’s lots of energy and excitement on set so once I wrangle Kaley into the makeup chair, I start prepping her for the first look. It's probably going to be a very natural look but we have to make her eyes look really defined so they pop in the commercial! The products I use depend largely on the end look we are trying to create, but my go-to products are mark’s On The Dot Eye Color Compacts and Josie Maran’s Magic Brows – I always have them on-hand!

11:00 AM:

The shoot is going great! We’re filming in the desert today. When it's hot out it's important to stay hydrated. Lots of water!


1:00 PM:

Lunch time! We always order too much food. We usually try to go healthy but end up somehow ordering fries and desserts too.

1:30 PM:

No matter where we are shooting (and as long as there is Wifi) we always try catch up on the latest and greatest YouTube videos during lunch!

2:00 PM:

Back to work – we head back to set after a quick beauty touch up sesh!

3:30 PM:

To break up a long day, we always seem to create some sort of fun video. One time we shot the Harlem Shake with Kaley and it got so many hits. This time we did a slow motion rap video...short and cute. Her fans love it. We sit and watch it over and over again and laugh!

6:00 PM:

I love creating new videos for my YouTube channel Jamie Makeup Greenberg – today’s video is inspired by an upcoming mark launch! My wonderful husband helps shoot my makeup tutorial so stay tuned for the final cut!

7:00 PM:

Family time is the best way to round out a great day! Not to brag about the LA weather…but it’s awesome, so my husband, Leni and I take our mini golden doodle on a delightful walk.

7:30 PM:

Busy days equals dining out! On our walk, we grab a bite to eat - usually some indian cuisine or I drag my family to my favorite Vegan restaurant...Cafe Gratitude. Yum!

8:15 PM:

It’s time for Leni’s beauty sleep.

8:30 PM:

Once Leni is snoozing, my husband and I catch up on our favorite TV shows House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, or maybe even eek some reality TV…shh don’t tell!

10:30 PM:

Before I fall asleep, I make sure my makeup kit is organized and prepped for the next day’s activities! It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!

11:00 PM:

Now, it’s time for me to count the sheep!