Day in the Life: Laurice Rahme, Founder of Bond No. 9

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Glam check in with Bond No. 9's founder, Laurice Rahme as she navigates distribution deals, celebrates her latest launch, Hudson Yards, and plots the notes of the next fragrance in her NYC-inspired line -- all while juggling an iPad, Blackberry, phone, and coffee. Here, Rahme shares her packed schedule:


I start my day with 20 minutes of meditation to get centered.


Begin yoga to breathe flexibility into my body and mind.


Read The New York Times, it is my bible; I read it every day. I must know what is going on in the city that I am infusing with fragrance. I also like to read WWD, It offers great articles for all aspects of my life.


Grab my Blackberry and iPad and head downtown to our offices on Bond Street. I never leave home without my Blackberry; I am always available for my team and we are in constant contact.


Grab a cappuccino, extra dry, from The Smile


Greet my team at our flagship boutique on Bond Street. We all share the same space, the same ideas and the same goal without barriers where we are surrounded-immersed really-by product and one floor up by our sales staff and customers all the time.


Conference call with Dubai


Meeting with Saks Fifth Avenue to discuss upcoming public appearances nationwide.


Lunch with an editor from The New York Times at Ilili to discuss Bond’s upcoming launches.


I head back to 9 Bond Street to the creation table to work on our next scent. You need or want as many as it takes for the scent to speak the language that the creator is envisioning. Many fragrances do not have very many notes, other have hundreds. There is no right or wrong. Creating a perfume is part science but it really, really is an art – the art of translating and emotion into a feeling. And like a painter, the artist or perfumer will choose as many layers and as many different techniques as he or she feels a necessary to express exactly what the vision is.


Call with Nordstrom and my team to discuss marketing efforts.


Press Event at the 9 Bond Street boutique to launch my newest fragrance.


Head uptown to Saks Fifth Avenue for Bond No. 9’s Fine Fragrance Happy Hour. It’s the biggest compliment to me when Bond No. 9 fans fall in love with the scent. We are very lucky in that our customers are very loyal and very, very emotionally and intellectually engaged with the brand. We have an intense dialogue with them during the event. They are passionate about New York, about the neighborhoods and about the craftsmanship of our perfumes. They love the luxury of unique philosophy, packaging, and fragrances. Because the brand is so unique we have as many male as female collectors. The customer gets to mingle, bond and get intoxicated by scents, champagne and of course chocolate covered strawberries!


I head home and continue responding to my team’s emails and phone calls. I’m usually at our Bond Street offices until 8PM unless, I have an event or I am traveling, every day is different because like New York, Bond is always fresh and new.


I turn my iPad, phone, and Blackberry off. And I watch the French News.


Before bed I enjoy reading books, I am currently reading Freud on Religion