Day in the Life: M·A·C Cosmetics Senior Artist Neil Young


Neil Young, M·A·C Cosmetics Senior Artist shares a day in his life during New York Fashion Week. Here he shares a day in his life:

I love the snow as much as I love makeup. OK, maybe not quite as much, but I jumped out of bed ready and willing for snow to fall, prepared for the challenging day ahead.

I started my day working as the key makeup artist for the Noon by Noor show. The look was inspired by old Hollywood glamour with a twist, featuring a retro matte, deep red lip. I achieved the look using M·A·C Russian Red Lipstick, Cherry Lip Pencil and Pro Pigment in Basic Red, set against glowing skin and a masculine, handsome brow. It never looks like the makeup will get done in time, but with seconds to go the girls are in line up and looking fabulous! I’m convinced invisible fairies come to help in the last twenty minutes!

Wait, did I mention the wheels fell off my case? Ah ha! Whilst dragging my 30kg kit through the snow, which by the way is no easy task at all, I managed to persuade a lovely girl at Lincoln Center to hold my case. Conveniently enough my next show, Nicole Miller, was there two hours later.

James Kaliardos was the key for this show, and working with him is like eating hot fudge brownies and ice cream! It’s absolute heaven. The look was super cool- I called it facelift makeup! Everything was pulled up and out, and despite the mayhem backstage, the girls looked beautiful. It’s quite insane how many people it takes to put on a show, but the show literally “must go on”.

I have been nonstop for thirteen hours, and I'm exhausted. I manage to grab a cab immediately, which in NYC is quite an achievement, and I head home for some Zzzzzzzzzz's. Finally.