Day in the Life: Marcus Francis, Celebrity Hairstylist

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After previously chatting with and getting clipped by Suave Professionals celebrity stylist, Marcus Francis, Glam checked in him as he criss-crosses L.A. to prep stars for the spotlight and get the #GirlBoss herself, Sophia Amoruso ready for her book tour. Below, he shares his packed schedule. The sweetest part? Coming home to makeup artist Stephen Sollitto and their three pups.

7:00 AM:

Since I've been with my partner, celebrity makeup artist Stephen Sollitto, I've become a morning and a dog person over the past 5 years. We feed the troops (Penny, Griff, and Fargo), let them out in the backyard, and we have our coffee outside to soak up the gorgeous weather we have in LA.

7:45 AM:

I love to cook and find if I skip breakfast, my hands aren't as steady and my concentration is not as stealth. I usually whip up a 3-egg omelet with tomato, feta, and spinach.

8:00 AM:

Before it gets too hot, we take the dogs for a walk in our neighborhood around Hollywood and Hancock Park.


8:30 AM:

I have to work out 4-5 times a week. I sleep so much better if I do this in the morning, so I head to Equinox in West Hollywood and either do cardio and weights, or depending on the day, some kind of class using Kettle bells, TRX, or interval training.

9:45 AM:

If I have jobs booked shortly after my workout, I get ready at the gym and grab a smoothie from Earth Bar, like Detox #1 or Radiant Skin.

10:00 AM:

I head over to the home of CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, and cut her hair before she starts her press tour for her book #GIRLBOSS.

11:30 AM:

Time to refuel and grab some lunch in between jobs. I’m lucky that Veggie Grill has two locations nestled where a majority of my jobs tend to be. I pick up my go-to salad, the Hail Kale with blackened "chicken" (tempeh).

12:00 PM:

I check in with my agent Sam at Starworks over the phone to go over my schedule and any upcoming jobs that are still pending. Being a freelance hair stylist, I have to pretty much always stay on top of the always changing schedule that I call work. I follow up twice a day - once around noon and again at the end of the day.

12:30 PM:

It's the 1st annual iHeart Radio Awards and I'm going over to get Hilary Duff ready to walk the red carpet and present an award. Because we have worked together for almost 3 years, we had already discussed the look she was going for the night before. I love to have an idea of what the dress looks like before getting there so I have three solid hair ideas to show the client. Two hours to get them ready is never truly two hours so I can't waste time!

2:30 PM:

I put the final touches on Hilary and pack up and head out to the next location. I have a protein shake in her fridge that I grab – because of all of the running around I’m doing, I burn off everything I consume.


3:00 PM:

I drive to the Warner Brothers' lot in Burbank and check in at the gate for the Conan O'Brien show where I'll be getting Jessica Paré from Mad Men all glammed up. Had I known when I was a kid that this would be a place I sometimes go to work, I wouldn't have stopped smiling. It's a part of Hollywood history and I make sure I take note every time I go there and appreciate the job I have.

5:00 PM:

Final hair and makeup touches before Jessica goes on stage for her first interview on the show.


5:30 PM:

Time to make my way back home in what is not your normal LA traffic for some reason. I try to not even mentally acknowledge it as I fear I'll jinx it.

5:50 PM:

When I get home, Steve and I rehash the day's events, the looks we did at work, select the images we want for my web portfolio from our shoot with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Jalouse magazine, and figure out dinner. Tonight is surprisingly no wine since the weekend ahead will have a lot of festivities to attend. Got to pace ourselves as we approach summer!

7:00 PM:

Steve isn't so much into cooking as I am so I'll usually take this one on, fixing up something with tons of veggies (Steve is a vegetarian) and chicken, fish, or steak (if I'm in the mood, usually in a Mediterranean style).

8:00 PM:

Depending if I'm caught up on Game of Thrones, Veep, or craving House of Cards or Orphan Black (all of which Steve isn't watching), I'll watch one of those solo or rent a movie. We opted for renting Anchorman 2…should have watched a show.

10-10:30 PM:

I like to get myself in bed somewhere in this time slot after running around, and exhausting myself, in this big City of Angels. Take the dogs out before calling it a night.