Day in the Life: Model and Founder of Boom Cosmetics, Cindy Joseph

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Glam looked in on BOOM Beauty founder Cindy Joseph as she handles photo shoots, production and presentations for her cosmetics line -- all while fitting in a little yoga in her foyer! Here, she shares the details and routines of her day:


I am fully awake and enjoying my view as I contemplate my day. Each of my days are completely different. I might be flying to a location shoot, running my company, getting together with friends, or cleaning out a closet. I often have a mixed day between work, play, and social time.


My only consistent routine is having a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea each morning.


I sit on my bed and edit my weekly blog, Saturday with Cindy.


I take time during each day to stop what ever I am doing and jump rope or do yoga in my foyer, or where ever I am. I don't use special clothing or go to classes. I find if it gets too involved, I don't do it.


I grab something to eat. Today I have hot oatmeal with raisins and a banana.


I must plan my wardrobe for a photo shoot that is taking place in my home. I'm on deadline to send a video and photos to my Paris Agency, Silver, in lieu of being there for a watch company casting.


It’s time to shower, and prepare myself for photos using my pro-age cosmetics line, BOOM!


The photographer and child model arrive for the in-home photo shoot. I spend time with the 4 year old so she gets comfortable with me for the shoot.


Shoot with photographer Chuck Baker and model Sierra. We wrestle on the bed, read books, and eat raspberries. We get some great shots and then the Sierra and her folks take off.


As Chuck and I eat lunch, we edit all of the photos to email to my agent in France right away.


I lie on my couch to recharge my energy for a big Pro-Age BOOM! event hosted in a private home that evening.


I start packing up BOOM! products for the event. I print out notes for my presentation. Once I am at my computer, I start corresponding with my business partner and associates, oversee production of products, shipping etc. I may talk to my agent, Patty Sicular owner of Iconic Focus model agency about go sees and bookings. I go through some customer service emails and basically run the company from my little 11" MacBook Air.


I primp myself for the evening's BOOM! event. I love giving Pro-Age Revolution presentations and sharing the wonderful BOOM! skin care and cosmetics line I have created. To be in conversations with women of all ages about what is important to us (self esteem, caring for our health) gets my circulation revved up!


I arrive at event location with my husband and relax and have dinner with the host and her husband.


30 guests start to arrive and the party begins.


I give a talk about women, beauty, and age, and do a presentation of my BOOM! products.


I enjoy interacting and relating with all the guests while my husband is taking orders!


Very rarely do I stay up this late. I am usually in bed by 9:30 or 10pm. This evening when we get home, we go straight to bed. I chat with my husband and cuddle, falling asleep in his arms.