Day in the Life of Beauty: Aveeno Celebrity Hairstylist, Patrick Melville


Glam caught up hairstylist to the stars, Patrick Melville as he handles a day filled with photo shoot prep, clients, and chatting with beauty editors. Here Melville shares his daily routine and a sneak peek at the shoot:

6:00 AM: Wake up and check my emails while having my morning cup of tea and breeze through the newspaper.

6:45 AM: Go for my morning run. I love to work out in the morning; it helps me clear my head, and I do most of my brainstorming while running.

7:45 AM: I get back from my run and jump into shower to get ready for my day on the set.

9:00 AM: I arrive at the studio around 9am – I hate being late. My assistant Hiromi is usually there already setting up. I grab a cup of coffee and sit down with the makeup artist, photographer, and art director to go over the storyboard and the direction of what we are going to do for the day.

9:15 AM: I take a look at the clothes and come up with creative direction I want to take the hair in.

9:45 AM: I start prepping model's hair. This can take anywhere up to two hours depending on the direction that we are going to take with the hair. We always prep hair first before makeup.

11:45 AM: I grab my late breakfast while the model or celebrity talent is in makeup for about an hour.

1:00 PM: The shoot starts – we like to get a few shots done before we start lunch. Sometimes we just grab lunch on the go. The shoot lasts all day long.

5:30 or 6:00 PM: It’s always hard to predict how long the shoot will take so we can get a little stressed around that time, specifically when I have clients waiting for me at my salon which is pretty much every night.

6:00 – 8:00 PM: I arrive at the salon and do clients. Sometimes I will meet with magazine beauty editors as a result of my relationship with Aveeno Hair Care. It's nice to chat with them about hair trends and talking about my favorite product must-haves. I do tend to book clients on a tight schedule. My clients are unique because they know that at any moment I might have to cancel their appointments due to being late on set. They are used to me by now and are very understanding of the situation. I guess I am worth the wait.

9:00 PM: I finish at the salon. A lot of times I might have a late business meeting, but I am always pretty tired by this point. The perfect evening is to be able to go home, have dinner with my wife, have a couple of glasses of red wine, and a good night’s sleep to re-energize for what's coming the next day.