Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Makeup Artist Coleen Campbell-Olwell

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Glam checked in with makeup artist to the stars Coleen Campbell-Olwell as she rushed all around Hollywood, prepping the tresses of Laura Prepon and Kate Mara before the ladies hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Here, Campbell-Olwell shares her schedule during awards season madness:

8:00 AM/span>

Wakey Wakey! It’s time to roll out of bed and get my day started. First thing I do is be grateful that I get to do what I love for a living, and say good morning to my hubby and pups.

8:15 AM

Stroll slowly to my beloved Nespresso machine and brew a half-caf coffee. Just a little fuel to help get my day going and look through my emails for any last minute changes.

8:25 AM

Must. Eat. So not a breakfast person, but it will be a long day of just snacks in the car. Hard-boiled egg and toast it is.

9:00 AM

Time to get myself together! Jumping in the shower. Attire for today: the usual, jeans and flat boots since I'm on my feet all day. Usually I do simple makeup on myself, it’s easy and fast!

10:15 AM

Leaving for my day. I still get excited and nervous, but I feel prepared. I do a lot of research before a red carpet event. To make sure I keep things current and fresh I go through mags and fashion blogs especially during fashion week. If possible I will connect with my client and and talk about the dress, jewelry, hair and see what ideas she has for makeup.

10:49 AM

I just arrived at Laura Prepon's house, my first client of the day nice and early. Seemed to be always running late as a teenager, now I am always early so that I arrive prepared and calm to start her makeup.

12:40 PM

Start packing up my kit and cleaning my brushes. Laura seemed really pleased with her look and her dress is perfect.

12:55 PM

Jump into my car and I'm off to Kate Mara's.

1:10 PM

Getting hungry, but no time to stop, so I pack lots of snacks. My faves are bananas, almonds, Country House Flaxseed squares, and water. Hmm, coffee would be really good right now.

1:22 PM

Roll up to Kate's house. Nice timing! It's so nice that the Golden Globes are on a Sunday, as the traffic seems lighter (which rarely happens in LA) This really helps with my busy schedule.

1:30 PM

Setting up my makeup station.

3:00 PM

Kate is getting in her car to hit the red carpet, and I loved how she looked! Dress, hair, makeup – everything came together beautifully. Now I can take a breath and head on home. Had such a fab day. I'm really happy with how both my clients looked and I'm really excited to see photos.

3:37 PM

My lovely husband was going to grab takeout, but I decided to stop at Whole Foods and pick up veggies and chicken to make Yellow Thai Curry.

4:15 PM

Home. It’s been a long but awesome day. It seemed to go by so fast. Now all I need to do is get into my comfy clothes and sit and watch the Golden Globes Red Carpet.

5:15 PM

Checking the Internet for pictures of Kate Mara – she looks so beautiful!

6:29 PM

Time to cook up some dinner. Ready for some real food.

7:00 pm

Dinner is ready and we're just about to eat some curry and watch the awards! I'm sure Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be awesome. Such a great day, nothing crazy happened and luckily I work with such wonderful ladies. Until next week....